Shen MIN Advanced Formula for Women

Shen Min is a 100% natural hair nutrient derived from the eastern wild rose, best known for its ability to stimulate hair growth and restore graying hair to its original color. While the exact mechanism is still unknown, Shen Min extends the growth phase of the hair follicle, thus reducing the number of hairs in the resting phase and fall out phase. The net effect is a greater number of hairs growing and fewer falling out. Shen Min also blocks DHT from binding to the follicle. DHT is a leading cause of thinning hair because it deactivates hair by binding to the follicle.

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Shen MIN Advanced Formula for Women Review

To sum it up, I would recommend people to buy Shen Min Shen MIN Advanced Formula for Women at Folica. For 29.99 it's just excelent!

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