Parrot PF725101 Parrot Blue Bebop Drone & SkyController Bundle

The blue BeBop Drone Quadcopter with Skycontroller Bundle from Parrot combines the BeBop Drone with integrated 14MP camera and the Skycontroller mobile device holder/tactile remote control.The BeBop is a Wi-Fi-based, mobile device operated RC aircraft capable of capturing 1080p aerial video and taking 14 megapixel still photos. Avoiding the added weight and power consumption of a motorized gimbal, the camera - notably - features an electronic image stabilization system that relies on a 3-axis motion sensor and a 180 fisheye lens from which it crops an image. The BeBop is controlled from an Android or iOS mobile device running the FreeFlight 3 App (see Parrot website for latest list of supported devices) . In addition to letting you control the quadcopter, the app provides a real-time preview from the flight camera, and you can even record a low resolution feed directly on your device. For high res recording you can use the 8GB of built-in memory, or connect a USB storage device for increased capacity.Two outdoor hulls are included, plus there is an indoor hull which is comprised of removable EPP prop guards. With the outdoor hull, the flight weight is reduced and the quadcopter is more aerodynamic. The BeBop Drone powers from a 1200mAh lithium-polymer (LiPo) battery, which is estimated to provide around 12 minutes of flying time. Two batteries and a charger are included in the box.Note: If your Parrot device is defective or you need assistance in using the device, please contact Parrot directly.Skycontroller IncludedThe Skycontroller extends the BeBop Drone's Wi-Fi range up to 1.2 miles and features a hardware-based control pad. To maximize the first-person flying experience, the Skycontroller allows you can connect third-party FPV glasses, including the Oculus Rift, Zeiss Cinemizer, Epson Moverio, and Sony Personal ViewerNote: Per FAA regulations, visual line-of-sight contact with the aircraft must be maintained at all times.14 Megapixel Fisheye Camera with 3-Axis

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Parrot PF725101 Parrot Blue Bebop Drone & SkyController Bundle Review

I red all review of Parrot PF725101 Parrot Blue Bebop Drone & SkyController Bundle, before my purchase and I was not sure, but Parrot products are very good!

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