Lionel LIO38150 Platinum Ghostgo with 29086

Released in 1999, these twin motors honor the very limited number of clear molded Santa Fe shells that had been produced originally in 1948- This is from a limited run of clear polycarbanoate F3's with platinum plated chassis, pilots, and truck sides- Platinum-the world's most precious metal- Features include:- Dual Pullmor motors- Command and RailSounds upgradeable- SignalSounds- Durable die-cast frame trucks and pilot- Detailed molded clear body- Magne-Traction- Headlight- Interior lighting- Magnetic couplers on nose- Fixed couplers on rear- Metal ladders- Engineer figure- Goes with LIO29086 - Matching Madison three car set featuring platinum plated adornments on vestibules, trucksides, and the observation end- Each car bears the city in which a member of the current Lionel leadership resides, New York, Redwood City, and Chesterfield- Additional car features include:- Die-cast trucks, steamped metal frame- Detailed molded clear body- Interior lighting- Magnetic couplers- Opening doors- Window silhouettes- Special feature of trucksides and end caps being platinum plated to add quality and value! SKU: SPWS2683

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Lionel LIO38150 Platinum Ghostgo with 29086 Review

I red some section about Lionel LIO38150 Platinum Ghostgo with 29086 from symbol Lionel and seems to be really well successful.

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