Automatic Waste & Recycle Bin

No room for a separate recycling bin? Motion-sensing Automatic Waste & Recycle Bin collects both trash and recyclables- Commercial-grade stainless steel- Use one side for trash, one side for cans, bottles, paper- Infrared motion detector- When your hand is within 10 inches, the lid opens- Lid also closes automatically- Can be operated manually- Ring liners holds your trash bags in place- 13.2 gallon capacity- Uses 3 C batteries- 16-1/2"W x 11-1/2"D x 26-1/2"H

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Automatic Waste & Recycle Bin Review

This is awful, even for 139.00. I made a terrible mistake with this one. Even if Solutions is known for quality products I am thinking about selling mine Automatic Waste & Recycle Bin.

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